Leed™ gold, WELL™ PLATINUM y WELL™ Health & safety

5 safe and sustainable floors with the highest level certifications.

Cadenza will obtain the LEED™ Gold certification thanks to its commitment to efficient materials and installations. The latest technologies and construction and habitability guidelines ensure that the building has the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Leed™ gold

  • The outdoor leisure and meeting space features more than 35% plant covering.
  • 85% of the regularly occupied spaces boast high-quality views.
  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • The improved ventilation system with active F9 and SFEG polarisation filters and measures to prevent cross-contamination ensure a high indoor air quality.
  • Cadenza offers excellent drinking water quality in the offices and common areas.

The Aire Limpio® system reduces maintenance and energy costs with minimal environmental impact. Better indoor air quality is highly beneficial for employees, which positively impacts the company’s profitability.

Aire Limpio® air purification system

These systems eliminate up to 90% of tiny particles, micro-organisms, and VOCs suspended in the air.