An extraordinary team for a building symbolising prestige and personal health.



With a strategy focused on creating value for both tenants and investors, SOCIMI Árima has nearly thirty years of experience in building offices in Madrid and its shares are listed on the continuous market. 

Árima identifies, purchases, renovates, and manages real estate assets that will subsequently be leased and operated by tenants. 

Estudio Lamela


Estudio Lamela is one of the most renowned Spanish architectural firms. The studio was founded by Antonio Lamela in 1954 and it has developed nearly 2,000 projects. Carlos Lamela is currently the Executive President.

The company has offices in Madrid, Warsaw, Mexico City, and Rotterdam.

Fernando Martos


The Fernando Martos Landscaping Studio has 20 years of experience. The studio boasts a multi-disciplinary team of architects, engineers, and landscapers.

Its projects are implemented internationally in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, Santo Domingo and France. The gardens are inspired by English landscaping, but always adapted to the local place and climate.